Two methods for skirting and beading

There are basically two methods to deal with the existing skirting when we lay the floor.
Method 1: Remove skirtings and install the new/old skirting back after laying the floor.
Method 2: Leave skirtings in place and cover the expansion gap by nailing a bead of
quad to the skirting.
Method 2 is the easier way. When using method 1, we
have remove the skirtings first, which are usually fixed to the wall by nails or glue. Some minor damages may be caused to skirtings and wall. Some touch-up paints have to be done after installation.


Type: Half Splay

Available Size: 40/66/92/140


Type: Dar

Available Size: 40/66/92/140


Type: Colonial

Available Size: 40/66/92/140

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